We turn beauty dreams


Owned by beauty pioneer and brand retail strategist Lisa Adams, The Beauty Matchmakers came about at time when Lisa was working with numerous beauty brands as a professional makeup artist and trainer. At that time, her job required her to spend many of her days in-store, where she would talk to both brand reps and buyers about their goals, dreams, and wishes for the brand.  What she realized was that both buyers and brands needed most was a way to connect and build relationships, and The Beauty Matchmakers was born. 

Today Lisa uses this hands-on beauty experience to secure esteemed beauty retail meetings and distribution for her clients. With her close industry buyer relationships and instinct for where in retail brands will thrive, Lisa is deeply attuned to the competitive realities facing beauty brands hoping to enter the marketplace today and understands how to help them create a strategic brand that will stay relevant and be a runaway success with retailers and consumers alike.


How We Work.

WHEN IT COMES TO RETAIL, analyzing the smallest details is where the real work is and a critical part of how we help shape the brand and influence the buyers.

A bit more about The Beauty Matchmakers...

Why We Are Different!


The Beauty Matchmakers are different.  The Beauty Matchmakers is a beauty retail strategy agency that has close-partnered relationships with buyers within prestige retail and we help beauty brands achieve the retail success they deserve. We will never tell you what to do with your brand, or insist it's our way or the highway. Your brand is your baby! And we get that. We are here to advise, support, and help you launch your brand, but we don't distribute on our own, or broker deals. Consider us your brand's fairy godmother: here to use our magic to turn no into yes, and closed doors into open opportunities. 

Lisa seems to know everyone in beauty retail. She introduced our new product line to buyers and then landed us face-to-face meetings.  In no time we rolled out the line at Barneys NY and other coverlet retailers.
— Ryan Mongan Founder TAO Clean & previous co-founder at Speck