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Hi, I'm Lisa. Beauty lover, mom, and entrepreneur dedicated to helping beauty brands achieve the retail success they deserve.

The Original


Mother, entrepreneur, and experienced beauty industry leader Lisa Adams is the Founder and CEO of The Beauty Matchmakers. Alongside developing, growing and ultimately selling one of the industry's very first beauty e-commerce sites, Lisa is an experienced brand retail strategist and has helped numerous brands secure placement at retail and cultivate a niche following in the industry. 

An expert at establishing brand-buyer relationships, Lisa works with her clients every step of the way from securing that first, elusive retailer meeting to helping brands prepare, manage, and oversee their business once in-store.  For over two decades, Lisa has helped launch products into retail for global giants such as Nestlé, Kathy Ireland, and Decleor to notable indie darlings like evolis® Professional, Dr. Paul Nassif and Claus Porto. Her experience spans beauty, personal care, and wellness and includes products in the most in-demand categories including: skincare, color cosmetics, hair care, personal care, men’s grooming, fragrance, devices, and beauty-focused ingestibles. 

In addition to serving as the link between buyers and brands, Lisa also offers her clients comprehensive brand retail strategy including managing sales distribution, forecasting, account management, training programs, and corporate training profiles. 

For Lisa, nothing matters more than securing a true love connection between brands and the buyers, consumers, and industry who want them. With a combination of deep beauty industry knowledge, killer instincts, passion, and pristine industry reputation, she has turned The Beauty Matchmakers into the retail distribution and brand strategy consultancy every brand needs for true retail success.   

Q&A with Lisa

Q: Why did you start The Beauty Matchmakers?

A: I have always been a self-starter and I learned something from every position I’ve had. From my beginnings as a beauty adviser, counter manager, account coordinator, and regional sales director I took my love and passion for all things beauty and combined that with my soft spot for indie “start up” brands, and launched an innovative website with a blog called: My website was specifically tailored to small brands that needed a start. After I sold it, I took the next step in my career and launched The Beauty Matchmakers.


Q: How do you know whether or not to accept a client?

A: Before working with any of my brand partners, there are two things that need to click. I have love not only love and believe in the brand, I also have to believe in the team behind the brand. My connection with the team and their product(s) is how the retail magic happens. I approach every brand as if it was my own; carefully assessing strengths and weaknesses, and methodically planning every move to ensure buyers can't wait to say 'yes!'

Q: How does it feel to be a self-made female business owner and CEO? And what advice would you give to young women out there who are just getting started in this competitive industry?

A: Being a self-made female entrepreneur is one of my proudest achievements. I have a teenage daughter and I always consider what example I'm setting for her in every decision I make. For other young women getting started in beauty, my first piece of advice would be to find a strong female mentor. After I sold, I was fortunate enough to work on various projects with Alisa Beyer of LemonTree Partners, who supported me and encouraged me to start The Beauty Matchmakers.

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