Beauty strategy


Chances are, you've spent oodles of time talking about, addressing, and stressing over your brand strategy from a positioning point-of-view. But how about from a retailer's point-of-view? This is where The Beauty Matchmakers shine. We live and breath retail with a passion, but more than that, we spend countless hours talking to buyers and retailers about what they want in their brands, and why. 

Working closely with all internal teams, we help your brand craft a retailer distribution strategy that is in-line with your brand positioning AND spot-on for what buyers, managers, and retailers demand.

Our retail strategy expertise is your brand's gain. Are you ready to be the next retail darling? Let's get started.  

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Brand Strategy Services

  • Beauty 101: Educate your team on the beauty buying market, inside and out

  • Deep dive review of brands assets, social media pages, and website

  • Develop targeted distribution planning and execution strategies

  • Familiarize each brands point of difference and core values

  • Explore competitive landscape, core demographic, consumer benefits, and consumer study profile

  • Develop the rollout strategy for targeted retail channels

  • Prepare 360° DNA overview of brand for each retailer channel

  • Review in-store expectation and estimated costs involved per each retailer

  • Work with creative agency to ensure key buzz words and content is captured prior to retail outreach

  • Prepare customized operational costs for launching in retail

  • Create competitive analysis report

It has been a pleasure working with Lisa Adams. I have great respect for her knowledge and experience in the beauty industry. She is a true professional, hardworking individual who not only works well independently but great under pressure.
— Stasia Serafini, Owner & CEO, Fiafini Skincare