Get matched


 From indie boutiques to superstores to beauty specialty to prestige department stores, we understand the nuances of each market, and work smart to give your brand visibility within the right beauty retail channel for you. 


Beauty Retail Distribution Services

  • Fast track brands and engage buyers quickly

  • Provide innovative retail intelligence within the beauty space

  • Book and secure retail meetings

  • Prepare buyer meeting agendas

  • Coach brands on how to present best in class buyer presentations

  • Ensure vendor number is expedited quickly

  • Assist client with completing and understanding initial paperwork requirements

  • Manage PO process and quantity assortments

  • Assist with vendor payment set up

  • Retail merchant ACH set up forms

  • Support client with EDI set up and process

  • Ensure EDI/distribution center understands supplier/vendor/direct product label request form to ensure no chargebacks

  • E-commerce spec review to ensure 100% in compliance

  • Have a specific need not mentioned or a question about our retail distribution services? Let us know!

As with everything, your brand's first impression with a buyer is crucial. And a bad one and can have a high cost: not getting that oh-so-important first meeting, not standing out from the competition, or even getting noticed at all. The Beauty Matchmakers are experts at helping fine tune every aspect of a brand to ensure they are 100% ready to make the best impression and avoid the common pitfalls that so many brands make. 

We influence, guide, advise and secure retail for the industry’s most disruptive brands from global giants to notable indie darlings.  Every brand has a story to tell, and it is our job to listen and help you enhance your brand’s architecture so that buyers will listen.